roha Medical campus

Roha Medical Campus is an integrated health campus that is under development in the heart of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. When complete, it will provide world-class, high-quality, affordable healthcare across extensive medical facilities. Holistic patient care will be delivered with a technology and population health-driven approach. In addition, the campus will include a world-class medical school and facilities for research and innovation. The entire campus will be a lush, green setting, built to the highest sustainability standards, with a beautiful urban park open to the public. Buildout of the campus has begun, with the first hospital slated to open in the next couple of years. Roha Medical Campus is being developed by Roha Group, an investment firm that responsibly builds companies in Africa.

Campus overview

  • Campus will provide an extensive range of advanced medical services including oncology, neurosurgery, spine surgery, cardiac surgery, maternal and child health services.
  • The hospitals will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment.
  • Expected to be the first internationally-accredited hospital in Ethiopia.
  • A public urban park built on the campus will enhance the environment’s healing nature and preserve the biodiversity of the land. The park, designed with the Miyawaki forest methodology, will include picnic areas, sculpture gardens, and recreational areas for patients and visitors.
  • The campus will be built with green hospital principles including EDGE-certified buildings, renewable energy, optimized waste recycling, and water reuse and treatment.
  • The campus has adopted an environment, social, and governance policy  to guide the responsible practices of the organization.
  • Commitment to offer affordable care for all income levels, including fee discounts/ waivers for low-income patients.

Roha Advanced Multispecialty Hospital

The Advanced Multispecialty Hospital (AMSH) will be the first hospital constructed within Roha Medical Campus. The AMSH will be a 350-bed advanced hospital with state-of-the-art technology and capabilities. The hospital will have a comprehensive range of specialties including internal medicine, surgery, transplant, emergency/trauma unit, and cancer care. It is slated to open in the next couple of years.

Spacious atmosphere

A healing atmosphere designed with vast open areas and green elements to ensure patient comfort and improve patient outcomes

Natural light and airflows

Lighting system built to enhance patient comfort by mimicking the natural circadian rhythm through natural and artificial light


Integrated accessible, coordinated, and simple way-finding that allows patients, irrespective of their mobility constraints, and their families to easily navigate within the hospital

Functional layout integrated throughout the building

A layout optimized to streamline and ease patient and physician movement, as well as the movement of visitors and other hospital materials throughout the hospital.

Flexible and expandable for growth and changing needs

The hospital is designed with a view to the future, our flexible approach allows for continuous improvement and evolution to find the best solutions for patients and providers


An Ethiopian based architecture, engineering, urban design, and project management firm that is serving as the local architecture consultant on the project.

An Ethiopian based full-scale contractor and construction firm that is the primary local contractor of the project.

A South African based architecture and design firm that provide comprehensive and highly specialized services in Africa. They are the lead architectural consultant on the project.

Global based full-service engineering firm. With vast engineering and hospital experience, they are the lead engineering consultant on the project.

A global consulting firm specializing in projects across the property and infrastructure lifecycle. MaceYMR is the cost manager on the project.

A social enterprise based in India thatsupports organizations to create native forests for a more harmonious future. Alaap is the advisory partner of the Miyawaki forest. 

About Roha Health

Roha Health is developing Roha Medical Campus. Roha Health is a pan-African healthcare company that invests in building quality-driven, patient-centered, and transformational healthcare infrastructure throughout Africa. We believe that every person is entitled to dignified care andour mission is first and foremost to provide affordable andhigh-quality healthcare to our patients. Roha aims to be the leading responsible healthcare provider in the region.

Roha Health was established with the aim of addressing Africa’s healthcare needs by building a healthcare infrastructure and skilled care providers across the continent, to provide high-quality, affordable care for patients through world-class facilities, partnerships with international market leaders, and the latest technologies.

Roha Health aims to build hospitals that provide specialties that rarely exist in Africa. To effectively deploy them, we have created a flexible operating model and building design that allows us to experiment and adjust our approach as we learn more. We are driven by a belief that these services should be available in all markets and that sustainably profitable business models exist for them – our flexible approach allows for continuous improvement and evolution to find the best solutions.

Roha Health’s goal is to provide these rarely available diagnostics, treatments, and interventions without patients suffering significant financial consequences. As such, we have designed a pricing and operating model that can accommodate up to 20% of patients referred by the public sector and treated at public insurance rates, a discount or pro-bono rates while also extending training opportunities to healthcare workers in the public facilities. It is critical for us to ensure that treatment is widely available to the communities we serve.

Roha Health’s first hospital is Roha Medical Campus  located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Roha Health is being developed by Roha Group , an investment firm that responsibly builds companies in Africa.